A Norwegian Original drama by Netflix ~ Ragnarok is finally renewed for it’s yet another series. This series is created by very flared Adam Price and produced by SAM Productions.

It was released this month only in March 2020, and just after that, we got confirmation by Netflix renewing it for season 2. So Here’s what all we know so far:

Ragnarok Season 2: Release Date-

With this early renewal, it is expected for the series to follow the annual calendar and will be scheduling it for 2021.

(You gotta wait fans)

To create this level of exorcism the production house (SAM Production) needs a lot of sport and at least some time to capture the perfect shot!

Well, it’s not really jolting for Netflix to renewing it for the second season as its trailer got like 3.7 million hits on YouTube itself.

And why not, as so far we can see Ragnarok is the only second full Norwegian Original Series with almost 750,000 Netflix subscribers in Norway (according to statistic)

And if we go and consider the remaining nations in the region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden), this brings the total subscribers to be around 4 million.

(Too- much figures, right?)

They are important though as Ragnarok could be watched by millions of subscribers within the first month, which is something HUGE!

What to expect from season 2 of Ragnarok on Netflix?

Here are some highlights from Season One :

(you can call them as *Spoilers too*)

Magne finally fought the leader of the Jutul family, Vidar. Which was not easy as the moment he thought he might be losing everything, he somehow managed to call upon the power of Ultimate Thor which contains lightning arrow later harmed himself and Vidar.

The reason behind Magne’s death and Vidar’s fate is yet to be revealed.

Magne has to deal with remaining Jutul family too, in spite of Fjor as he wants to be a better person.

There’s so much left to disclose which includes other new giant gods showing up from nowhere of Jutul Family (as Vidar’s death can have a huge impact on their lives)

What are your thoughts? Are you lured to watch the second season? What are your expectations?

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