Princess Sofia of Sweden says she wouldn’t follow in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s footsteps and “do a Megxit”, despite the “stormy” years in the run-up to her royal wedding with Prince Carl Philip on 13 June 2015.

Sofia was posed the question as to whether she would do the same as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and resign from the royal family and move abroad during an interview for Swedish TV channel TV4, filmed in South Africa.
“No, not really,” she replied. “I think I have found such a fantastic balance, and I really see it as positive that I have made it through these stormy years. It is such a huge advantage, in that we have the opportunity to stand a little in both worlds.”

She went on to discuss her identity, which has previously played a part in the “stormy years” she refers to. “Since I became a princess, I have been through many identity crises,” she explained. “Here in South Africa, I have a type of identity and when I come home, I have something else. Here, I am allowed to be who I want to be.”

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip married in 2015

Ahead of her nuptials, Sofia’s role as a glamour model and a reality TV star proved problematic for her relationship with Prince Carl Philip after her career was frowned upon, but the couple are still happily married five years after their big day, as well as being parents to two children Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel.

Sofia and Carl Philip met in 2010, when the two were eating in the same restaurant alongside mutual friends. “We started with a shy greeting and everything followed,” said Carl Philip after their engagement.

As for the proposal, Carl added, “I was nervous. I woke up several times the night before, I don’t know if Sofia noticed. I wanted it to be a surprise.”