On Internally Displaced Persons, GEORGE LAMBERT who is contesting for State House of Assembly representing Barkin Ladi has given his 2 Kobo suggestion as regarding IDPs
He said it is imperative they’re returned back to their ancestral home if the relative peace is to be sustained.

It is sad that these people were taken out of their ancestral homes forcefully, some of them loosing loved ones thereby inflicting untold hardships on them. These people were subjected to unplanned hardships and a lot of discomfort was meted on them hence being exposed to several dangers.

The Government ought to have looked keenly into strategies that will return IDPs to their ancestral homes and also give some kind of succor to the people as a way of compensating and also grow back the lost lands. It’s taking too long for these people to reclaim back their ancestral homes sadly.

George Lambert who’s The Youngest contestant hoping to represent the people of Barkin Ladi in the State House of Assembly in the forthcoming elections also have taken it upon himself in addition to agriculture seek proficient, profitable and peaceful ways to reconcile the discrepancies that Involves the internally displaced persons and their ancestral homes in order to consolidate the peace of Plateau State.

The future is in our hands and also much dependant on what we do as young people, and as the elders of the future, what we do today will be what we enjoy or suffer tomorrow.



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