The Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Collaborates with UNICEF Bauchi Field Office to organize A 1-Day Media Engagement on the “Continuous Back to School Campaign”.

This interactive session held on the 5th of July 2022 at The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Headquarters Dogon Dutse Jos, Plateau State

Plateau SUBEB has been working effectively to ensure that children are back to school through media engagements, Town hall meetings, and sensitizations. As a continuous process, SUBEB joined forces with UNICEF and Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to carry out this noble cause.

The Focal Officer SUBEB, Represented by Mrs. Celine Daniel Awasak outlines some of the activities to be conducted that will foster the Continuous Back to School Campaign which includes;

1. State Review Planning Meeting: Monday 4th July, 2022 at SUBEB Headquarters Board Room

2. Meeting with Media Executives: Tuesday 5th July, 2022 at SUBEB Headquarters Board Room

3. LGEAs Cluster Town-hall Meetings with Local Communities to take place on the LGEAs Flag-off Meeting, Ceremony, Presentation, Registration of the identified out of school children and ending corporal punishment: Monday 11th July, 2022 at Bassa and Wase LGEA Secretariat.

4. Training of Mothers Association of community volunteers head teachers: Wednesday 13th July, Then 14th July, 2022 at Bassa and Wase

5. Community Identification and enrollment of out of school children: 18th, 20th and 22nd July, 2022 at Bassa and Wase

6. Review and translation of jingle into local languages, state flag-off for back to school campaign inclusive enrollment drive: Monday 4th, Friday 8th August, 2022 at SUBEB Headquarters.

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Mrs. Awasak also disclosed that they are planning to buy slots to air the jingles to both PRTV and Agro FM in other to reach out to the target audience.

The Director of Nomadic Education and Social Mobilization to SUBEB, Mrs. Grace Nyam recalled that there was a State planning meeting with the relevant stakeholders from the state which include The State Ministry of Education, SUBEB, NUT, among others sometime last year to ensure that every school-age growing child enrolled in school most especially Bassa and Wase Local Government Area of Plateau State.

While discussing with the Plateau Bloggers and Online Media (PLABOMA) Mrs. Nyam disclosed that “since Covid-19, it was discovered that there was a low turn out of students in schools. So SUBEB trained their master trainers for the Back to school campaign and on hygiene and related respiratory issues including Covid-19. How to prevent and how it can be transmitted to anybody. So they have to observe all these safety measures to make sure that as they go for the back to school campaign also they should learn to observe the Covid-19 Protocols both in their communities and environments”

The Honorable Commissioner of Education, Plateau State Mrs. Elizabeth Wakmuk represented by Mr. Lekyes Emmanuel commends the Global Partnership of Education and the media houses (PRTV and Agro FM) for their sincere support of this important program. He stated that “the program started last year and the media houses have been so supportive in so many ways. Last year, both the jingles and the awareness were so laudable that every loop and corner of the state were beneficial of this announcement”.

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“As the program is going to continue this time around, we are also soliciting that you will increase the slot for us so that the children roaming about the street, we don’t want to see any children roaming about the street again. When the awareness is been aired on these 2 major stations then definitely it will go a long way to help us to bring back our children to schools.  We want to make sure that the enrolment is increasing” He said.

“We are soliciting on behalf of my honorable commissioner that these 2 media houses should help us to increase the slot and make prompt advertising of jingles in different languages as the Social Mobilization Director administers it that is in Bassa and Wase. For Bassa we have 5 Local Languages while in Wase we have 2 Local Languages” He added.

Mrs. Joyce Dashe, The Deputy Director of Social and Mobilization SUBEB also commends everyone who attended the program also for their support and she prays that the program will be a success and then the children (Plateau Child) will go back to school.


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