The member representing Jos South /Jos East in the National Assembly, Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos has called on Plateau State Government to as a matter of urgency find a lasting solution to the continuous and needless loss of lives, properties and serious bodily harm caused to Plateau citizens over the past few years at the Polo Round About.

A situation where we have witnessed two fatal accidents in six days, 3rd and 9th December, 2020 is most disheartening to say the least.

Worthy of note is the fact that there are, in existence overtime, Federal laws and guidelines on stipulated times for truck drivers to ply Federal and state roads; with terms and conditions for doing so.

The Federal Road Safety Commission has been empowered to enforce these laws and advise government appropriately on what options to take in enhancing the safety of lives and prosperities of citizens.

“These rules are specifically designed to keep drivers who may be fatigued off the road and to hopefully reduce the number of commercial trucking accidents. These rules are extremely important, as fatigued drivers run the risk of causing very serious accidents, endangering not only themselves but other vehicle drivers as well”.

There are 4 major rules that commercial truck drivers must follow in order to comply with the driving regulations.

Truck Driver’s Hours of Service:

All these rules are carefully designed to ensure that truck drivers take needed rest of not less than 10 hours on any days assignment

I, therefore wonder why the Federal Road Safety Commission and the Plateau State Government have failed to find lasting solution to this needless loss of lives of citizens, as if to suggest that these lives don’t matter to them.

It’s appalling that the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) officers are found on a daily basis enroute the Polo Roundabout compared to some areas where they are equally expected to be within Jos and Environs. However, they have found this route convenient to ply always and one would have ordinarily expect that we will find a safer highway on that axis. But that isn’t the case at the moment.

The Plateau State Government’s nonchalant attitude towards the plethora of accidents on the Polo Roundabout is not only heartbreaking but callous.

Therefore, I call on the government to provide barricades and speed breakers that will limit the speed of tankers on this highway as a temporary measure while a thorough and detailed redesign of the road and traffic guidelines be urgently considered in the long run. It should as a matter of urgency, prosecute offenders who flaunt the Federal and state laws to serve as deterrent to others in the future.

Danja Dafwam Yakubu
Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Rep Dachung Bagos.