I have noticed something under the Sun in Plateau state.

God did not make a Mistake when he blessed us with over 52 tongues that speak differently,

unlike the tower of babel where arrogance and pride made God to scatter the people with different languages, God in his infinite wisdom has made Plateau state to significantly be a miniature Nigeria, The redemption of Nigeria lies in the unity of Plateau state.

My Dear Plateau Youths and elders, We are not barbaric and wicked souls, it is alien to our ancestors and founding fathers to block roads and hack innocent travellers to death.
we are warriors and fighters that were never defeated by our enemies let alone the caliphate,it is only weaklings that attack the weak and unarmed innocent citizens,Those that have attacked our farmlands,killed our elders,youths, women and children and razed our houses are the enemies and we know where to get them,I condemn the attack on innocent travellers and pray that may God accept their shortcomings and Grant them eternal live.

The enemies of Nigeria know that if they don’t use divide and rule in Plateau state to cause confusion, they will not succeed in their quest to perpetuate their agelong hidden agenda.
Now it is important to note that the enemies of Nigeria are United in looting the Commonwealth of the Nation and they are (Christian’s,Muslims and atheist) United by the natural resources to keep circulating in the hands of 5% while the 95% common Nigerian’s are left to kill and destroy themselves using politics and religion.

The Agenda has been One ever Since Nigeria’s Independence(The Struggle for Economic Resources) The fertile Land on the Plateau, The Mineral Resources, and The Human capital resource (JD Gomwalk Jnr)

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The Worrisome Part is that politics has been used to decieve the gullible to always betray the Plateau struggle along Religious and tribal lines.

The Problem of Plateau State has been freely and sheepishly transmitted to us by others Since 1999 and they are PDP & APC (Political parties) and the agents of division are some selfish elders and gullible youths.

This problem has been carried on like a log of wood and passed to the gullible, unsuspecting locals by elites and Stakeholders at the local level through monetary incitement,village meetings,traditional council’s, Development Associations,church & mosque and even schools and many have been brainwashed on the alter of political correctness and sentiments to the detriment of a United Plateau in fighting a common enemy.

since 2001, when there is attack in a section of Plateau,the other LGAs fold their hands and say it’s their own cup of tea.

from Yelwa Shendam attack to Langtang to Dogo na Hawa to Daffo to Barkin Ladi to Riyom to Mangu to Bassa and Jos East etc
The Plateau people will always say “wannan ya Dame su a chan”
little by little the systematic and calculated attacks keep spreading like wild fire across the state and it is now with the Irigwe people of Bassa, remember at a point they said it’s the Beroms and after the annihilation of the Irigwe it might be Mwhagavul or Ron or Gamai

Often times we always seek to put the blame on our Governors, Chief Joshua Dariye’s is not the only one that embezzed amongst The Governors then? it is thesame people he stood to protect that sent him to jail because we are not United as a people due to our political interests and differences.

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Dara Jonah Jang came and was labeled with all sorts of Names and faced myriad of security challenges because again we were not United due to political and ethno-religious differences and he is also facing a court case that might also land him in jail.

Governor Simon Bako Lalong came with the peace Mantra but it is obvious that the peace we seek will be cosmetic if we don’t forgive ourselves as Plateau People and come together to face this menace, if we say we hate Lalong despite his shortcomings as a human being, how do we intend to rally round and secure our lands from rampaging invaders?

if there is anytime Lalong needs the cooperation of Plateau people especially the people of Bassa,Jos South,Jos North and Riyom it is now,we cannot always use a hitch on security to always show how divided we are politically and otherwise, as people that get killed are Plateau citizens and Nigerians that belong to all parties and some are even apolitical just living from hand to mouth.

it is evident that the security structure of the country as it stands cannot save us from our enemies as the Governors are only ceremonial Chief of security in their respective states but always at the mercy of order from ABUJA.
it behoves on all of us to call our community and traditional leaders, representatives, Stakeholders, Civil society and Government to fashion a security summit to see to the re-equpping ,re-activation of the OPERATION RAINBOW MODEL this time with a chain of Local hunters,Vigilantes and neighborhood watch to police our community, especially the rocks,mountains,valleys and geographical border lines.

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what stops all of us from putting our political,ethnic and religious differences aside and work out a security model that is local to us on the Plateau?

The Blame game we have been doing from 2001 till date has not helped us
PDP & APC cannot help Us,
Church or Mosque cannot help us,
I am Irigwe,She is Berom,We are Ron cannot help us,
Dariye This,Jang That,Lalong That cannot help us,


The Liberation of Plateau From Invaders start with you and I and that’s a heart of forgiveness and reconcilation within us.
we have to accept the fact that we are all here already as Plateau citizens, we have Christian’s and Muslims amongst us
but most especially,we have human beings that are God’s creation and no human being has the right to hate or take someone’s life that he didn’t create as all must face judgement on Earth and the great beyond.

let’s call criminals and terrorists by their names.
let’s not shield the bad egg’s in our community as they will on day become the menace in our society.

I am Munatare Munashak Reporting from my Farmhouse in Rukuba.


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