PKK2023: Chief Ephraim Usman Debunks Being Sponsored By Hon. Gagdi


I Am not being sponsored By Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi or Any Body To Contest PKK house of representatives Election as being circulated in the social media and some mischief makers my manifesto speaks for me. This was made known in a press briefing by Hon. Ephraim Usman to clear the air over the rumours going round in the social media about his being sponsored by Gagdi.

According to Hon. Ephraim ordinarily, I wouldn’t have even contemplated joining issues over a write-up by faceless person since in democracy, freedom of expression is encouraged to deepening the process. However, the said piece on the social media and being used to campaign against me is not even an opinion on my aspiration but outright falsehood, spurious, misplaced and malicious aimed at character assassination.

The said write-up summarizes the best definition of mischief. To further exhibit the motive, intend and purpose behind the malicious machinations, the sponsor of the write-up cooked up my being sponsored by hon. Gagdi or who ever. This is the height of insensitive, decay in moral occasioned by desperation.

Let me make it categorically clear that I have never been sponsored or supported by hon. Yusuf Gagdi The public is hereby, strongly advise to disregard the said rumors. Those who know me closely would attest to the fact that I am a man of the people owing to my background as a well cultured man. In my years of sojourn in the political terrain, I have never received an endorsement by any person or group to succeed. My manifesto has always been my selling point and I have always believe in team work irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation.

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I have made it clear and would still want to state here that my interest in the House of Representatives is because it’s the more vibrant of the two chambers. Based on my orientation as a politician, I have realized that it’s the House of Reps that people express themselves most and it also affords one the opportunity to meet and network fellow Nigerians from various backgrounds and competencies. It is also where the strategic population is concentrated because it is where you have the younger people with multi disciplinary backgrounds, exuding energy and knowledge on how the country can be governed.

Consequently, I have a vision to offer service and collaborate with Nigerians to deliver on key areas that affect my Constituency. These are: Peace and Security and developmental projects to add value to the people of PKK.

Again, I want to be judged as a reformist. I have considered the activities of the legislature and I am interested in driving the reform process to make it better.

Finally, I appeal to all contesting not just for the PKK primaries Election but any other election to engage more in revealing what they have for the electorates rather than engaging in campaign of calumny aimed at destroying the reputation of others. How shall we see one another after an election campaign so richly built with hate, bitterness and indeed venom all in a bid to winning.Thank you all.

Hon. Ephraim Usman for PKK house of representatives



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