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Mutfwang Launches 7 Point Agenda Policy Document for Governance and Administration

Mutfwang Launches 7 Point Agenda Policy Document for Governance and Administration

Ahead of the March 11th 2023 Gubernatorial Elections, the Governorship Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau, Barr Caleb Mutfwang has formally unveiled his programmes and style of governance for the state. 

This he did on Saturday January 21st, 2023 at an exclusive fundraising event held at the Abuja Continental Hotel. The Candidate also unveiled a website through which supporters, party members and stakeholders can make financial contributions towards the campaigns. Here it is: 


The policy documents traces the historical, cultural and governance evolution of Plateau State from the British colonial era, its post independence creation to its modern setting. With not less than 53 ethnic groups, the document points out that the people of Plateau have had their unique religions and ways of life; they have enjoyed freedom and never come under any conquest. “The Plateau identity and way of life is best put as *The Plateau Heritage.* ” 

Mutfwang highlights the peculiarity of the Plateau identify and culture within a diverse and united Nigeria. However, he explains that *The Plateau Heritage* mainstreams the Land and the People first. Therefore, Plateau is first in governmental priority and focus. 

The gubernatorial Candidate stresses the need to secure the land and the people urgently. “ *The Time is Now to secure the future of the people and to make a deliberate effort to develop the land for the people, by the people and with the people.*”

Mutfwang therefore added that “A sound and visionary political leadership is key to reversing” the decline of the state’s broken hope and economy, and “unlocking the potential of the state.” 

He noted that the state has had its enviable prestige and respect “substantially eroded in recent times due to violent conflicts and leadership deficits.” 

Mutfwang then posits that The Time is Now that the “broken state of affairs must be restored in order to save our people.” 

The Mutfwang restorative plan is embedded in a 7-point Agenda:

1. *Peace and Security.* This is at the top of all priorities because it is “the enabler of every development.“ 

The Mutfwang plan outlines a multi-faceted approach to defending and securing the state. These include: 
• Operation Rainbow framework 
• Community empowerment & vigilance 
• Deploying ICT 
• Collaboration with federal security network 
• Working towards restructuring of current security architecture 
• Strengthening early warning and response mechanisms 
• Effective interface with stakeholders and communities 
• Jos the state capital to receive special security attention

2. *The Economy* – The Mutfwang plans proposes a creative, resourceful and sustainable approach to agriculture, tourism, solid minerals development, commerce and sports development.

3. *Education*  
Part of the plan on education is the focus on bringing back the People’s confidence in public schools. 

Its goal is to raise the quality of education in the whole state across all tiers of institutions. There’s emphasis on science and technology. 

4. *Health* 
The Mutfwang plan anticipates a healthy citizenry. 

It aims to rehabilitate, re-equip and restaff government health institutions; provide a referral hospital in the state and ensure proper regulation of private health facilities 

5. *Robust Physical and Infrastructural Development* .  
The plan encompasses roads and transport, power and energy, water supply and Urban governance. 

There will be: 
• a comprehensive state transport policy, 
• provision of electricity to all 17 LGAs, 
• halt the disorder in urban development, 
• Reclaim abandoned parks and recreation centres 
• ensure improved supply of clean and healthy drinking water 
• Open up and tar locked up areas with roads 

6. *Local Government Administration and Chieftancy Affairs* . 
• Local government administration will witness equitable sharing of resources along constitutional and legal frameworks 
• Chieftancy Affairs will see the traditional institution given its pride of place and guidelines issued for certification of peculiarities of each autonomous community

7. *Good Governance* 
• The governor will personally lead by example 
• Professional civil service in view here 
• Strong media presence to promote “ *The Plateau Heritage”* 
• Regain dignity of JD Gomwalk Secretariat and other government offices 
• Stress Unity of the people, manage their diversity and diminish lines of division 
• Cut cost of governance 
• Radically improve Internally Generated Revenue to fund state development, deploy technology. 
• Run an accountable and transparent administration with zero-level tolerance for corruption in governance.  

With the official unveiling of the Mutfwang plan of action for Plateau State, all aspects of campaigns will be reinvigorated, as indeed, for the people of Plateau.


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