Home Entertainment “Music alone cannot make you wealthy” Says D’ banj

“Music alone cannot make you wealthy” Says D’ banj

“Music alone cannot make you wealthy” Says D’ banj

Nigerian singer, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as Dbanj has said that music alone cannot attain and acquire one the luxury lifestyle of their dreams.

Speaking in a recent interview with PremiumTimes, where he stated that he did not depend on music alone, but he looked for other streams of income to keep his family and fame in check.

According to him: ‘’I tell people this, music brings you into the room but what you do in that room is entirely up to you.

‘’So if you’ve read, which I know you have, you see that I’ve been more focused, especially when I became a family man. Its my sixth year in marriage, and ever since then, i’ve looked for different platforms that would keep my fame and family intact.

‘’So if you were to Google JayZ or the wealthiest musicians in the world, you would see that only 10 percent of their wealth is probably from music. I’m just trying to say that if you look  at Kanye as a billionaire, Jay Z is a billionaire, and maybe he got like 100 million from music. The rest are from business and that is what  Nigeria needs.

‘’I was telling someone we need such a structure and the right merchandise, and then of course, you can always keep going to release music. I won’t say that music is not as profitable, but music alone is not enough to attain that luxury lifestyle that musicians love.’’

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo better known by his stage name D’banj, is a Nigerian singer, rapper, businessman and the founder of Mo’ Hits Records with producer Don Jazzy. He has won several music awards, including the awards for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007.


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