Hon. Dachung Bagos had the honour of making a paper presentation as the Mupun Youths Movement held a public lecture and launching of her maiden magazine tagged “Mupun Heritage Magazine”, at Zumji Events Center, Zarmaganda, on Saturday 24th July 2021.

Speaking on the topic, “Culture and Youths in the 21st Century: Reawakening and Sustenance for Peace”, Hon. Bagos maintained that; “youths have a critical role to play in managing their divergences and attaining peaceful coexistence.”

He said that “although conflict is inevitable, we must always harness and channel our efforts on activities that unite us as a people such as sports, public lectures; and so on.

To that effect, Bagos took it upon himself to co-sponsor a football tournament for Mupun youths.

Bagos counselled the youths to vehemently reject any attempt by ill-intentioned men in the society seeking to use them as tools to cause trouble especially during election periods.

While thanking the member for accepting their invitation, in their separate remarks, some dignitaries who spoke at the event applauded Dachung Bagos for showing brotherly love and extending a hand of friendship to Mupun nation.

To this end, Hon. Dachung Bagos was decorated with the Mupun attire by the Association as they declared him “Mupun Youth Ambassador.”

The member promised to wear the attire at the National Assembly to show the unity and faith he has with not just the Mupun youths in Plateau State, but the Mupun Nation at large and by extension, Plateau State.

Precious Kaneng
Team Bagos

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