It is a well-established fact that the Spanish drama, Money Heist has surpassed many milestones of the success: commercial as well as critical. Money Heist a.k.a La Casa De Papel has found a cosy and comfortable place in the popular culture. It is a Spanish web series and only after Netflix has brought the rights to premier it, this drama becomes a global sensational.

There is a colossal noise on the internet about the Hollywood Remake of Money Heist. Although, so far no producers or directors have claimed to do a remake of Money Heist, here is the complete list of actors who should be in the Hollywood remake of this web series.

Complete List Of Actors Who Should Be In Hollywood Remake Of Money Heist:

Jack Gyllenhaal

He is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, without a doubt. He has played some serious roles also. So, for the character of The Professor, he would be the priority.

Monica Cruz

She is Spanish by birth and a perfect contestant for the role of Tokyo. In Money Heist, this role is played by Ursula Corbero. Monica Cruz has done both Hollywood movies and Spanish movies, so it would be vital to choose someone like her which have an extra responsibility of narrating the story.

Woody Harrelson

For the role of Raquel Murilla, also known as Lisbon, Woody Harrelson should be cast for the role. He has done this kind of risk-taking roles previously on numerous of the occasion.

Jesse Eisenberg

And for the role of Rio, originally named Anibal Cortes, no one is the Hollywood town is more suitable than Jesse Eisenberg. Like Woody Harrelson, Jesse has also a great deal of experience of doing heist movies. As both of them were seen in Now You See Me series and their actings were very well appreciated.

Let’s hope that the remake of Money Heist in Hollywood would happen as soon as possible and with these actors in the cast.