Not even a month has passed since the release of Season 4 and the social media is filled with the speculations and theories about the upcoming season of Money Heist. One of the most followed drama on Netflix has not yet renewed officially for Part 5. But various sources, familiar with these matters, are claiming that there will be a Season 5 of Money Heist.

And as usual, the fan theories which are surfacing continuously on the internet have some of the most bizarre plot twists in it. Here we will look at the most famous theory of Money Heist’s upcoming part.

The Professor May Die In Season 5 Of Money Heist!

Yes, you heard it right. Many theories created by fans regarding Part 5 of Money Heist are claiming so. And their theories are not completely bogus. It is evident from the end of Part 4 that The Professor is in some deep trouble. The lady officer Sierra was seen busting the secret location of The Professor.

Has This Theory Any Logic To Claim So?

So far, out of numerous fans’ theories in which The Professor might die in Part 5, few things are common. First, in every interesting drama, the creators terminate some significant characters to balance the success of protagonists. In Money Heist, we have also witnessed this pattern that after doing their best, the crew could not save the Nairobi’s life in Part 4. So, The Professor may be the next lamb of an interesting plot! Second, in the climatic end of the previous part, without any cover, The Professor was seen with an officer holding a gun at him.

So it would be interesting to see in the upcoming season of Money Heist that whether Professor wins in this conquest of life or he perish as the fans’ theories are claiming.

Till then, stay tuned for the latest updates.