Makeup is a best friend to every woman, every young girl growing. let it be Vaseline on your lips as lip gloss, or white powder or what we call kajal, its still make up. We apply it to compliment our beauty while some women think they are not pretty enough, so they use it and use excessive makeup on a daily basic.  I just want to take a little chance to let you all know what I love about been a melanin. Believe it or not, any way we apply our makeup fits us perfectly, irrespective of the color (bold, dark, bright) we use on our faces.

Nude makeup always go perfectly on us. like, natural or nude makeup was made for us and not the white-men. Therefore, there’s no way we apply it right that it win’t fit.

We always kill going with different colors on our face, even if the the shade might not look right at first.

smoky eyes, glittery eyes, barbie eyes, all kind is perfect for any event


remember, like I said earlier… we love bold, just about any shade on us because it fits perfectly.

red lipstick

dark blue lipstick

blue lipstick, or is that purple you see there guys… Damn, I think I’m color blind. LOL. Oh well!

oh wow! this lipstick couldn’t fit anyone better.

See also  Jemima Osunde is giving us major melanin action in her most recent Instagram photos and we LOVE it. Spotting a high bun with bangs and hoop earrings, the actress posed in a brown Omazim dress which complemented her beautiful skin.


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