Heard about the new love-birds in the town? Well, the singer(Noah Cyrus) and rapper (Machine Gun Kelly) were seen in multiple events hugging, cuddling and getting cosy.

Is that a new relationship? Well, the pictures reveal so!

This came into public eyes just after the Grammy parties. They both were seen close holding hands and later hit up the Sony Music Entertainment party and visited the Republic Records event together. They were seen too-much into each other that they didn’t have time for others! Though they were seen chatting to stars like Pia Mila in VIP Sections and then leaving for a smoke-break.

But this is not very surprising for many of us, right? As they were dropping clues from very starting leading to spark those dating rumours more. But do you know, exactly from where this came into notice?

The music video of MKG “I Think I’m Okay” came back in June 2019 where he was very-comfortably lying over Noah’s lap and the amount of intimacy between both were marvellous. They kept rollin’ there even after the director cut the scene where both were shown spraying a fire extinguisher.

And just after Noah’s cameo she posted some pictures of her with MKG and confessed her love up to an extent in the caption too. I mean why hiding it, right?

Kelly is a brand-new man in Noah’s life as they both met after being with multiple partners before. Kelly was rumoured to be with his BFF Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend (Kate Beckinsale). Whereas, on the other hand  after getting apart from Lil Xan, Noah was rumoured that she is with Tana Mongeau, but eventually she cleared things by saying they were just friends

*Cute moment*

Kelly posted a very cosy loving picture of Noah hugging him at her birthday party, which is very adorable.

Noah Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly dating rumours | Girlfriend

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