I know all you M.I stans (myself included) out there have been feigning for this. iLLegal Music is finally here!!!

It is 14 tracks deep and if you have been a listener on the site, then you may have heard some of the songs on it. M.I did some experimenting on this joint with singing and rapping on non-hiphop type beats. However, as expected, it is a solid piece of work done on instrumentals that he was certain could not be cleared for official release to sell. This mixtape is a very good listen. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

No Saturation in M.I’s game.

Download it before the links die. There are 3 download links below. Enjoy! Remember where you got it first!


Track Listing

1: Misty Blue (Dorothy Moore sample)
2: Pen (Gnarls Barkley sample)
3: Drop it like it’s hot (Snoop Dogg sample)
4: Gbono Feli Feli (D’banj sample)
5: What 2 Do (Simon Webb sample)
6: Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West sample)
7: Feeling Good (Nina Simone sample)
8: 99 Problems (Jay-Z sample)
9: The Darkest Birds (Nine Horses sample)
10: Am Illie (A millie – Lil’Wayne sample)
11: Beautiful
12: Lonely (Lenny Williams sample)
13: Choc Boyz (Roc Boyz – Jay-Z sample)
14: Loopy Ballers

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Here is a taste of what to expect from the Mixtape:

I Don’t Know What 2 Do

DownloadIllegal Music

Download: Illegal Music

DownloadIllegal Music

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