Its starts with the definition of what a record label is supposed to be or how most music entrepreneurs have come to redefine it. We live in an entertainment world where any lover of music can indecisively start up anything they can add one or two artists and call it a label irrespective of the criteria’s it takes to make such a move. This takes us to the rise and fall of many movements in a city like Jos.

Jos as we say is the home of entertainment as it has birth most of Nigeria’s great entertainers, musicians, actors and even footballers. Jos is one place I have come to realize has a lot of cliques with the name Label, or sorry movements or rather group of friends. We have names like 911Army, PSM, TIOB, MOPZ, Team Detty, BED music, MODBIT, Kent Republic, Real Dreams, Wildpunditz, And entertainment companies like  High Class Music Empire, Nash EntertainmentSpace Arts, E’s Empire , LMX and a couple of others. One of these have  been very common among them, which has happened to some lately, also going by the detachment of Bi Lingual Rapper and Pop sensation Freezlinks from popular group MOPZ which is being by Mr Kenneth Yilchie Gofor popularly known as Eskay who is a known Music producer and musician Himself. The group used to have artists like Flare, Jaysam, Slash P, Razemula and the artist in discuss. Don’t forget Eskay was formerly the manager of 911 army, a group which had singer and rapper Promphizy, INZ and Freezlinkz until they broke apart leaving just the two with Eskay and Freezlinks as members of what was birthed after 911 amy, MOPZ. Which takes us to another question ‘’is being a producer or owning a recording studio a criterion for starting a movement’’?

I believe not. Many labels started as movements, same way many movements have been created in Jos and still stood test of time, take for Example GRIP, which had Endia, Yung L, J Milla and producer Chopstix, same with Loopy records which had MI Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, and a few others. Not just Jos, lets take YBNL (Yahoo Boy No Laptop) which was just a statement turned Label, not just a label but a Big Record Label which raised Artists like Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold, Victoh, Chinko Ekun, and home to Popular Musician and CEO Olamide Adedeji. But the recent development In Jos is the breakouts, well like Chinua Achebe said, ’’things fall apart’’ Nanzema Left Kent Republic, Mr M, Left Real Dreams, Slash P Samuel Left UC Entertainment, Priceless left Blaze Speed Empire, remember Bizakeem versus Space Boiz, He left for HCME. The stories of 911 Army and MOPZ, wildpunditz (Specta, Crinerry, Lypsi and Jazmin) Inferno Inc. (Crinerry left) and He also left Barricade Entertainment, hmmmmm… Crinerry Travels, and many more stories of many more breakouts. So we ask, what is happening, what foundations do we build these movements on, who fuels the engine, who pays the bills, any legal backings, who heads project, what are the goals, any sentiments, is music really the first thing, all these are questions you should ask yourselves, if it’s all about the music then the music should keep you all together. And again the movements are too much and its causing a segregation, its bringing about more cliques and unhealthy competitions amongst artists and entertainers in the city of Jos, my advice, learn to love the music first, by so doing you respect the music, and yourselves, you don’t abuse the music and you learn to be official and systematic in what you all do or create, we are not saying having movements are bad, conflicts are unavoidable, all we saying is lets define yourselves, let’s see you do what you doing right, more solid and know you are meant to stay together. Thanks and God bless the Entertainment hustle.

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