Money Heist, loved by fans all over the world. It is a Spanish show which initially aired on Antenna 3 with the name La Casa De Papel in Spain. Seeing its popularity in Spain, Netflix bought its streaming rights and released it in parts. The show had two seasons which Netflix cut into four pieces.

Season 4 Release

Hold your excitement Fans! Netflix officially announced the release date of season 4 to be 3rd April 2020.

To add to you excitement, we are expecting for a fifth part too. Director Jesús Colmenar’s statement “That there is going to be a fifth [part] can be said”. However, nothing can be said for sure because Pina and Martínez Lobato would not discuss the possibility of a fifth part because of confidentiality contracts, and only said that “Someone knows there will be [a part 5], but we don’t”. There is no loss in hoping for a fifth, so all we can do is hope.

To my muse I heard a News, some robbers made a failed attempt to rob a bank wearing Salvador Dali’s mask, imitating the show. This proves the popularity of the show. Although the effect is negative, it surely depicts the show’s popularity.

There’s also speculation of a spin-off of the series. Colmenar also stated that there had been discussions with Netflix about creating a Spin-off of the series. Anyway, we are pretty sure that season 4 isn’t going to be the last in the story of our robbers with the face of Salvador Dali.

What Might Happen?

The trailer of season 4 is available, which featured a line, “Let the chaos begin”. By this line, we can expect it to be the most exciting season of all. Since Professor had already called for DEFCON 2 in the previous season, we are going to see a war. The real question is will Nairobi return in season 4 and will the crew be able to escape? I am also excited to know more about it as you are, but nothing can be said for sure.