Kylie Jenner opened up about her feelings also lives with her daughter Stormi and the pressure she has to give Stormi a sibling, in raw new profile from Harper’s Bazaar. Many people are saying that the world’s youngest billionaire woman Kylie Jenner is planning for a 2nd baby.

She wants to expand her little young family. Kylie confessed to Harper’s Bazaar in March issue of the magazine, published on 4th of February. Kylie and her daughter posed in Marie Antoinette style garb and Kylie said that her friends always pressure her to have a 2nd child. 2 years after giving birth to her first child Stormie.

She also said that she loves her daughter Stormie and she constantly feels the pressure to give her a sibling.

Are Kylie and Travis back together?

Kylie also mentioned that she made most of her time around her beloved daughter Stormie her only child. Not only had she said how incredible her relation with her daughter is, but she also talked about her relationship with the father of Stormie, Travis Scott 27 years old. She said she has a great relationship with him she said it is like they are best friends who share parenting. She said that they are not dating and are separate in their lives. The couple split around October 2019 after roughly two years together. She said Travis is a responsible man he agreed to split responsibilities together when it came to parenting.

Is Kylie dating someone at the moment?

It is very tough to tell about someone’s dating life when they hide it. Well if look at the life then it seems that Kylie is not dating anyone at the moment. She is completely determined to her business.

She is a single parent and is not seeing anyone. She also said in the interview that when it comes to have a 2nd child giving Stormie a sibling then there is no plan. She said that not even with Travis Scott. “He is a wonderful father but there are no plans to have a second child together,” said Kylie.