Kylie Jenner, highest-paid celebrity but not a billionaire. Actually she has never been a billionaire despite being called so by The Forbes Magazine. Surprised, aren’t you? Well, the recent revelations by Coty, the company that she sold a major portion of her cosmetic shares to, has made it clear though. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that she has lied to the world. Earlier too she had lied about using lip flipper injections that she ultimately admitted in May 2015. So was she a billionaire ever?

Kylie Jenner: A Billionaire or an Imposter?

Well, even if we know that she lied about the size of her company and the revenue that it generates, it wouldn’t be surprising. As rich people do it all the time to look even richer. Recently Forbes released its highest-paid celebrity rankings which by the way Kylie tops. However, she is not listed as a billionaire rather her pretax worth is estimated at around 590 million.

Well, a high amount of which dived in from the deal she made earlier this year. She has sold a major share of her company to the beauty business tycoon COTY. However, that deal did reveal a lot about the numbers that Kylie and her mother Kris had been putting up in front of the world about their company. With the documents given by COTY, it is sure that Kylie’s company isn’t as big as she shows it to be. Perhaps it was a business move to boost up the sales or it could be a move to appear on the Forbes magazine cover.

We all remember her 21st birthday with the bartenders having T-shirts with Kylie’s face on Forbes’ cover. Kylie actually did a lot to get on that cover of Forbes, in fact, she forged her own sales records. Although she did no fraud, it sure does question her integrity. So, can celebrities as pretty as Kylie even go that low?