The new album of Kehlani named “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” has been released this month. The theme of this album is varying but mostly it deals with the romance, couple’s trust and intimacy and there is also the theme of universal longing for serenity. Not only this, just a few hours after releasing this album, but many fans also noted that there is a lot of references about the relationship of Kehlani with YG.

Here we would take a scrutinizing look at the references where she has talked openly about her relationship in the album.

What References Are There In The Album About YG?

Without any veil, she has written the lyrics laden with the references about her last relationship with YG. The Track 1 of the album named ‘Toxic’ contains many lyrics which is pointing at her ex. “All of this love is toxic” is one of the lines of Track 1 which is very hard-hitting in itself.

Then there is this song named “Grieving” where Kehlani has used this line ‘I picked aside, now I am just grieving’ which depicts her emotional trauma after her breakup with YG. Apart from this, there are many other references about YG where she even called him names. One of the songs in this album is named “Water” where the lyrics go something like this, ‘Swimmin’ with a Pisces every night’. Although no one has been named here it would not take huge wisdom to understand that who is being referred by ‘Pisces’ here.

Let’s Take A Look At Their Short-Lived Relationship!

In September last year, it became public that Kehlani and YG are dating as there were seen together on numerous of the occasion. But their relationship ended after Valentine’s Day this year because Kehlani had accused him of cheating.

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