The Kaduna State Government has closed all schools on Tuesday, to control the spread of COVID-19 infection in the state.

The state’s Education Commissioner, Usman Muhammad stated that the schools were shut due to the growing cases and to prevent a second wave of the pandemic.

Muhammad said in a statement, “The state health ministry further notes that while the infections cut across all age groups, this new wave especially affects between 10 and 35 years.”

“Kaduna State Government is directing all public and private schools to conclude arrangements and close on Wednesday, December 16 as opposed to the initial closing.”

The government also ordered all schools to conduct and finish their exams on or before Tuesday, December 15 2020.

The government lengthened the closure directive to all tertiary institutions in the state and urged the schools to make other plans for the continuation of their academic activities.

Muhammad reassured parents and students that the government will plan lessons and make online resources available to resume learning virtually.

He encouraged learners in basic and post-basic classes to continue learning on Kaduna State TV and the state’s radio e-learning programmes.

He noted, “While the Kaduna State Government continues to exerting efforts to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the general public is advised to comply with COPVID-19 protocols to avoid the likelihood of the worst-case scenarios of the disease in the state.”

The government cautioned residents of the state to adhere to COVID-19 preventive guidelines of regular handwashing with alcohol-based hand sanitiser, wearing of facemask, avoid large gatherings, respiratory hygiene, eat a balanced diet to boost the immune system and staying indoors when outgoing is unnecessary.