Several bodies have been recovered by officials of the Jos Custodial center  after the  Medium Security Custodial Centre came under attack by gunmen who reportedly stormed the facility in large number with sophisticated weapons.

Journalist who visited the facility   has counted  as many as six bodies.

It is not clear if the bodies are those of the gunmen who attacked the facility or inmates who attempted to escape

One correctional officer was killed and another shot in the arm when the invaders  arrived at the Custodial Center at about 1720hrs on Sunday and immediately made for the main gate where they engaged the armed squad personnel in a gun battle before breaking into the yard. 

The front office holding the records of the JCC was set alight by the invaders.

As at the time of writing this report officials of the Jos Custodial center were still trying to ascertain the extent of damage to the facility, take head counts of the inmates  and positively identify the bodies to be sure if or not the invaders are  among the dead

By Golok Nanmwa, Jos

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