In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Nigerian singer cum actor, Faze has addressed the longstanding feud between his to former band mates, 2face Idibia and Blackface.
Faze in his chat with Sunday Scoop stated that he made moves to get both singers to sheathe their swords. He said,
“I actually tried to make peace between 2face and Blackface. I called them on several occasions and asked them to settle the issue amicably. However, they have some unresolved issues between them and I think they would settle their differences in due time. Even brothers have rifts; so, there is nothing unusual about it. 2face and Blackface are from the same area and they were even together before I came into the picture. They know how to relate with each other and would come around.”
Speaking about the impact Blackface has had on his career, Faze said,
“Blackface really did a lot for me in the early days. He used to advise me about my career and the music industry in general. There were even times that he helped me financially; so, I will always be grateful to him. In the days of Plantashun Boiz, we operated like a family and we were all happy with one another.”

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