– Mina, a super-talented Senegalese rapper is not like many as she practices music wearing hijab – The rapper said she has received strong condemnation from people who felt threatened based on her dress – Mina who is an activist for gender equality said that wearing a veil is just her style and not a religion marker Mina, a Senegalese rapper, is taking over the hip hop industry by storm with her unique style. She is not only getting attention for her strong bars, but the way she dresses is also a big statement. With a hijab, she looks different from most female rappers out there. Her style has become a source of criticism. In her interview with BBC, she said people tell her she is an embodiment of Satan and ready to destroy their religion
The rapper said wearing a veil is a style she has chosen as she is not a Muslim. Starting out was never easy for her because getting parental support was difficult.

She said that her father grew into accepting her for who she is. Mina said she had for long wanted to be a musician but her veil was a huge hindrance to that dream. “I’ve been wearing a veil since I was a little girl, so why stop wearing a veil because of the music? Instead of wearing wigs, hats or shaving, my veil is my style. “I am Mina, I am neither a Christian nor Muslim nor animist. I’m just a musician,” she said. The female rapper added that those who insult her on the internet are people who do not understand her message. It should be noted that Mina is also using her music to fight for female rights and the need for equality in society. She said she is from a family where a girl is not allowed to go out after 7 pm.