Former President Goodluck Jonathan says the reason politicians run to the courts after elections is because they have no confidence in the electoral management body.

He said this after delivering the inaugural lecture of the National Defence College in Abuja on Wednesday.

Dr Jonathan told newsmen that politicians will only accept election results when they have confidence that the electoral umpire is fair to all.

He, however, noted that “where there is no confidence in the electoral management body (in our case – INEC), people will reject the results even before they are announced”.

To curb fear and instill confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission, the former president said it is imperative that the National Assembly come up with laws that will ensure the nation applies electronic methods in its electioneering process.

“There is the need for those involved in the ongoing electoral reforms to review their efforts and ask themselves some tough questions. That way, they will be able to determine whether they are advancing the course of democracy by working to enhance and protect the constitutionally guaranteed duties of INEC or seeking to encumber the body with unnecessary posturing, capable of negatively affecting the exercise of its independence, in the conduct of elections.

“I have always made the case that electronic voting is the way to go, if we truly desire to secure the credibility and integrity of our elections. It is difficult, therefore, to understand why the argument against the possibility of electronic transmission of election results continues to subsist, despite all the advancement made in information and communication technology, over the years.

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“If we truly desire to deepen the roots of democracy in our land, we should not seek to reverse the progress already recorded by INEC in the application of modern tools in the conduct of elections but aim to improve the processes in the light of new technology,” Dr Jonathan stated.

He, however, stressed that the independence of the electoral management body is the key plank upon which a thriving democracy rests.


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