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“I have known Ubi for 16 years” – TBoss

“I have known Ubi for 16 years” – TBoss

TBoss, in an interview with Punch, has responded to claims that she has a thing with CEO of TripleMG Ubi Franklin.

She has known him for 16 years, she said, and doesn’t see why she shouldn’t respond when she’s accused of something she’s not guilty of.

She had met Ubi before he met his wife, Lilian Esoro, she continued. She said:

I don’t see why I should not respond to people whenever they say rubbish on my page if I feel like doing so. I don’t understand why people are concerned that I was hanging out with my friend.

I don’t follow blogs; I don’t follow gossips; so, I don’t know what was written online. He is my friend and we didn’t talk about any issues with his wife and I didn’t know if they had divorced or not. I have known Ubi for 16 years, which was before he met his wife. I don’t have to justify anything to anyone.

I don’t know why people are always on my case. Does it mean I cannot talk to a man without people insinuating I am having an affair with him? I don’t make mean comments about people or throw shades online. I keep my opinions to myself as it will not put food on the next person’s table or change him or her. I don’t even care about what people choose to put on social media. If something goes on my page, it means I want people to see it.


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