Popular Nigerian On-Air-Personality, Toke MAkinwa has opened up on how her separation from her husband, Maje Ayida adversely affected her.

In a recent interview with ‘Tea with Taymesan’ podcast, Toke Makinwa who divorced her husband in 2016 after getting married in 2014 said she did not see her divorce coming and it felt like death when it happened.

According to her: “I didn’t see my divorce coming, I remember cutting my 30th birthday cake in my husband’s house and I remember saying: ‘Yo b*tches, I am 30, I have a blossoming career , I am married , everything is going great right now’. I remembered that night and my sister said ‘What do you mean? You are feeling yourself’. I told her, I got married before 30 and told her to put a respect on my name.It affected every area of my life, it felt like death. It felt like losing someone

Speaking further, the lifestyle entrepreneur added that her relationship with God has kept her going.

My relationship with God, that is the only thing in the world that is really keeping me balanced. I tell people I don’t know how you survive in this world, in this industry without God. I admire people who have different means of coping mechanisms and sometimes I am like ‘how does it work for you’? But for me, I find out that I need to be rooted in something that is beyond all that is happening right now”.

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