Rapper MI Abaga after decades of experiment has concluded that humility doesn’t work where he is so you just have to carry your shoulder hop and do whatever you want to get whatever you need.

Mostly we are advised to be humble because humility does a lot of positive things and as a humble person, you will just love how your life turns out but MI Abaga after decades of experiment disagrees with that.

Having experimented with humility for over a decade within the shores he is, he realized that it doesn’t work at all over there so you just have to carry your shoulders around just like every other people there if not you might be probably trambled upon.

MI Abaga didn’t share with us where he did his experiment but then he has made us realize that being humble at some places isn’t worth it as you are supposed to carry your shoulder hop at some places to be able to have what you want.

But that doesn’t also mean that you don’t have to be humble as it all depends on the situation you find yourself and after analyzing it you will decide whether to be humble or carry your shoulder hop.

Screenshot below;

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