Nobody is too small or too big to offer a word of encouragement, at least not for budding rapper, Bodeblaq. The rapper whose musical style is a fusion of traditional hip-hop sounds with distinctive contemporary elements of rap and street wisdom. His recent release is the track titled “Balu” featuring rising indigenous rapper – Wale Turner. Bodeblaq was recently at NET TV where he spoke about his journey into the entertainment industry, as well as his encounter with popular Nigerian Rapper, Falzthebahdguy.

One of the highlights of his interview was the moment he shared his shocking but inspiring tale on his encounter with Falz a few years ago. According to BodeBlaq, he once offered Falzthebahdguy some words of encouragement when Falz was still a struggling rapper with no fanbase. Here’s what he said ‘I used to listen to Falz a lot back then. I think he dropped three mixtapes and one day he was invited alongside Dammy Krane to perform for our NYSC Party. There were a lot of people from the other side of the country that did not really know him as Dammy Krane was the headliner of the event’ After the event, I noticed that Falz had a very lovely performance but nobody was just gathering by him to ask for selfies as Dammy Krane was the hottest artiste at the time. They were all going to meet Dammy Krane for pictures. I didn’t know when I walked up to him and started to tell Falz ‘Bro How Far, no look this one o, you go big pass this one o. He added ‘It was hard to ignore Falz because he performed exceptionally well, clad in his full Agbada, but at a point, fans started booing him out of the stage’ ‘But for him not to give up from that time and get to this stage, I will say thumbs up to him I look forward to talents like him in this industry’ Bode Blaq said’ Watch his full interview,