– Umayyad, a historic Islamic coin which was made around 723AD has sold for £3.7m

– Among the inscriptions said to be on the coin is one that reads “Mine of the Commander of the Faithful”

– The coin was initially billed to sell £1.6m but increased at the auction because of much interest

A historic Islamic coin, called Umayyad coin, made from gold gotten from north-west of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and believed to be 1,200 years old has sold for £3.7 million (N1,716,404,349.75).

According to Daily Mail, the coin is inscribed with the words “Mine of the Commander of the Faithful”. It was also said that just about 12 of the rare coin exist in the world with private collectors or major museums.

The coin went as far back as 723 AD, and the gold it was made from was gotten from a site that was reported to be owned by the Caliph, a successor to Prophet Mohammed (SAW), in a place which is now known as Mecca.

Daily Mail also reports that the coin became the most valuable and sought-after on Wednesday, October 23, when it was sold at the whopping price.

It was auctioned at the Morton & Eden where it had a pre-sale value of £1.6 million but had to jack up due to more than thrice the initial price because of the interest it later attracted