– The Hanke Misery Index has ranked Nigeria as the fifth saddest nation in the world – The ranking was based on how each country manages inflation, borrowing, and unemployment – On the scale, Venezuela ranks first, followed by Argentina, Iran, and Brazil in second, third and fourth positions respectively In looking at the condition of human lives across the globe, the National Review used the Hanke Misery Index which looks at countries and how they fare. The index based sad countries on high inflation, borrowing costs, and unemployment, where the only way to get out of it is through economic growth. It is no wonder therefore that happiness tends to bloom in a state of good economic decision. It should be noted that the first Misery Index was made by Economist Arthur Okun in the 1960s.
On the table, Venezuela ranks the world’s saddest country with a 7,469 index rate where the contributing factor was consumer prizes.
Argentina follows in the second position, Iran in third, Brazil fourth, Turkey fifth, while South Africa and Nigeria occupy the sixth and seventh positions.

The Hanke Misery Index was carried out in 2019. Photo source: National Review Source: UGC In that manner, one can flip the Index and say that Nigeria beats South Africa as one of the happy countries in Africa because it is 36.8 compared to South Africa’s 43.4 on misery Index