Hamilton. The upcoming musical drama film on Disney+. It is the live recording of Miranda’s 2015 Broadway. Which actually was inspired by Alexander Hamilton. Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. The film was on schedule for a theatrical release in October 2021. However, seeing the present and the forthcoming situation, it was decided to be released digitally on Disney+

When will Hamilton Release?


Earlier it was scheduled to be released in October in 2021 in the theatres. However, seeing the coronavirus pandemic and the forthcoming situations, Disney decided to release it digitally. 3rd July has specifically been chosen, keeping in mind the date 4th of July. As it will be a weekend, Disney expects the views to be high. Apart from Miranda, the other faces that will appear include, Daveed Diggs, Thomas Jefferson, Renée Elise Goldberry, Jonathan Groff, Phillipa Soo, and Christopher Jackson.

Miranda and Disney have been collaborating for a while now. We had seen Miranda in the movie titled ‘Marry Poppins Returns’. She also gave music in the film Moana and songs in the Star Wars sequel movies of Disney. Well, it looks like she will be collaborating with Disney in the future too.

It has been reported that the movie is 2hrs and 40 minutes long. Well, that’s quite long for a theatrical release. Perhaps fewer scenes have been cut from the original footage for the digital release. Moreover, it has also been reported that Disney paid 75million dollars for the rights of this movie. We can expect it to be big.

Nowadays, the industry is focusing on digital releases more than expecting a theatrical release. Perhaps it is going to be the future of this industry. The digital release of these movies can also be helpful in increasing the number of subscribers on the streaming platform.