As regards his aspirations, George Lambert today receives the blessings and prayers from his mothers home (grandparents and cousins).

It can be recalled that George Lambert is on a familiarizing/consultation phase of his aspirations and he understands the value of family.

Today in Loh Gassa his antecedence and his childhood behavior was again appreciated and reciprocated with prayers and 100 Percent support being assured by all the families represented.

The “Loh ga Bot” clan is one that has great antecedence and has raised men of valor and have also added to the value of Gassa, it is no surprise that George Lambert is rooted to this great clan and in his words “The clan is known to have a history of grassroots Politics and of course delivered in all offices and capacities, I hope to be better than my ancestors who have once been politically active”.

thank you very much to the famous “Loh ga Bot clan” for having us today.
God bless Loh ga Bot clan.



signed :Media Team GBL2023

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