Nigerian singer, Fireboy DML has served his fans some hot summer vibes with his smooth music style.

The darling boy of YBNL records took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself rocking matching outfits from boohooman collection as he oozed the summer vibes.

He wrote: summertime vibes! my boohooman collection still available. check @boohoomanofficial official site to cop 

In a recent interview with Pitchfork,  Fireboy DML was asked a series of questions about his carrer to which he answered. He was quizzed by Pitchfork about the reson he wears glasses all the time in his outings and videos. He explained that as an artist, he has prolonged nights, which causes eye bags, and that sunglasses are the greatest method to hide them.

Fireboy was asked if he thinks his music and craft has been overrated or underrated and explain the motives behind his answer.

In his words: Overrated as f**k! I mean, it used to be romantic. You know, in the Victorian era, probably. But I mean now, just send a text. Or just see them in person. I think that’s very important. I think if you’re going to express yourself like that, it’s better to do it in person, so you can see the person. The person is going to look into your eyes, cause the eyes don’t lie. You can lie in your words and stuff, but the eyes don’t lie. You can look into the eyes of the person and express yourself.

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