I think the pencil jean craze started in those teenage years for me, can’t really say it started as a fashion thing, it was more about showing that figure (That wasn’t really there yet hehehe). Not that my typical African mum who happened to be my biggest source of fashion will go out and get a ‘Figure hugging’ jean for her teenage daughter anyway. The real culprit was an aunt in her early twenties, a fashion prime age as you already know. She made sure my closet never lacked Jeans in all it forms because there’s always one she had that didn’t catch her fancy anymore.

With my gradual introduction to the denim family, I gradually gravitated towards the pencil styled jeans. In fact the pencil jeans became my uniform, I can’t remember owning any baggy, if it wasn’t snugly fitted, then it most definitely has to be pants and not denim. There were even times when jeans I liked would come in straight shape and I would have to alter it to my favorite pencil style.  You’re probably wondering what made pencil Jeans so special that I’m still hooked even now. I have a few reasons and I feel they’re definitely worth sharing. Check them out below

The Fit
The fit was definitely the first attraction for me, even at a time when I wasn’t so much about style or fashion, I knew what fit and what didn’t, it was like being able to differentiate between sweet and bitter taste even without having  great culinary skills. If it could fit this good, it definitely looks good was and remains my mindset towards pencil jean.

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The Switch 
Nothing beats a fashion piece that can be tweaked every now and then. One of the things that made me fall in love with Fashion is the ability to create and manipulate. The freedom to be who I wanted to be anytime. The pencil jean can fit into any frame, Go Casual,  Go Pro, stay in the middle, this piece does whatever I tell it to do. It’s all about how I style it and that’s  one reason I remain a fan for life

The Timelessness
I’m always wary of trendy pieces, what’s the point of investing in a fashion piece that’s in today and out tomorrow? The pencil jean is definitely in a class of it’s own. It is not only timeless but effortlessly so. With pencil jeans I never had to worry that my style was in, out, or on the way out. It is a timelessly special piece in its own way.

The Variety
A piece that comes in all shades, textures, style is what fashion dreams are made of. I’ve  seen and owned different colours of pencil jeans and it never gets boring, there’s always a fresh way to rock it. If ever I needed a reason not to part with the pencil jeans, this right here is what it is.

The Chic
When I wear a pencil jeans I just immediately feel chic, don’t know if it’s more about the fit or a psychological vibe, it’s just there, and it’s not just about me, it’s what I see anytime I see ladies rocking it.  It’s almost like a piece that gives every lady the freedom to own the chic narrative. From the ‘gram to magazines and blogs, pencil jeans just looks chic every where I see them.

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My greatest challenge with the pencil jeans was the struggle to pull it off at the end of the day (oh yeah). But then no pain,  no gain. And you can say I’ve gotten used to it so much so that If I had to wear it everyday of the week, I’m good. Don’t know your view about the pencil jeans but mine is chic, fab and free. And yes I don’t see myself getting unhooked anytime soon.


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