‘This is Nigeria’s video by Falz has drawn a reaction from the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) who have issued him a seven-day’ takedown or face legal actions’ ultimatum.

A seven-day ultimatum was issued by a religious body, MURIC for his ‘This is Nigeria’ video.

The video which went viral since it was released over a week ago, sees the rapper attempting to capture the state of happenings in the country.

From the opening scenes that show a bike popularly referred to as Okada riding in the background, a very popular feature on Nigerian roads, to youths fighting in one corner.

The plot, however, thickens as a man dressed in traditional Fulani attire, a tribe in Northern Nigeria, is seen with a machete to the head of another man.

The video then progresses to young girls in Hijab (head covering) supposedly depicting the Chibok girls, a group of 276 female students who were abducted from their school in 2014 doing the trending Shaku Shaku dance moves to other topical scenes.

Falz has come under the lens of scrutiny as he has been accused of misrepresenting a situation that eats deeply in the nation’s fabric.

On Tuesday, June 5, the Muslim Rights Concern (Muric), a religious body released a statement accusing him of ethnic bias, ”the video manifests ethnic bias against Fulanis while it ignored the criminal activities of an ethnic militia of the Middle Belt who have also massacred Fulanis and rustled their cattle in their thousands.

It is a hate video. This video has the potential of causing a religious crisis of unprecedented dimension.

It is an assault on the self-dignity of every Muslim. It is freedom of expression gone haywire”, a part of the statement reads.

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But with a court date presumably looming, Falz can look on the bright side as he has a legion of Nigerians on Twitter who have his back and ready to state his case.

Read posts from twitter:


‘I am muslim…. Allahmdulillahi… I think at this point these people are taking things too serious… why are we diverting from the message passed in the said video? That video isn’t an hate video, it’s a video exposing a sad truth, I stand with God. Islam and falz’


‘For what MURIC just did, falz owes us a remix of the song’


‘If falz takes down the video, we go upload am back till MURIC sue Youtube’


‘A country whereby suicide bombers can wear hijab and kill innocent people but falz cannot use girls wearing hijab to dance shaku shaku in his music video… is religion not killing us gradually in this country or we are just bunch of hypocrites”


‘Hijab girls don’t dance shaku shaku only codeine Abi MURIC?


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