Elite is a very unique teen drama which unravels the taboos and cliches related to the teens. Although people of any age can enjoy watching this Spanish web series. So far, Netflix has released the three seasons of Elite and the series has been renewed for another couple of seasons this year.

Elite has a large viewers base and it is quite common drama among teenagers all over the world. Season 3 of the elite which released in March this year has got a positive nod from the critic’s circles also. Now many speculations have started on the internet about Season 4 of Elite.

Here is everything you need to know about the potential release date of Elite’s Season 4.

When Season 4 Of Elite Is Going To Release?

As we all know that Netflix had renewed the show for another season months before the release of Season 3. This year in January, it was officially announced that there will be Season 4 and Season 5 of Elite.

After that, the fans got the much-awaited Season 3 of Elite and since then the internet is swarming about the news (mostly rumours) related to the Season 4. So far, there is no official update about the release date of Season 4. In the past, we have seen that Elite has been released year wise. So, it is expected that Season 4 of Elite would release in 2021, at its earliest.

Has The Filming Been Completed For Season 4?

Obviously to predict the release date, one must have to be sure that whether the filming for Season 4 has been completed or not. Unfortunately, there is no update regarding this but it can be deduced by looking at the current global scenario that it would not have completed till now.

That’s all for now regarding Season 4 of Elite. Stay tuned with Clusterchannel for the latest updates.