Elishama Rosemary Ideh has become the 2nd woman to make public her intention to run for President in the 2019 elections.

Ideh’s declaration is coming after Olufumilayo Adesanya-Davies’. Adesanya-Davies is a professor of Language and Communication Arts at the Rivers State University of Education.

According to Sahara Reporters, Ideh made her intentions known while speaking to a crowd of her supporters.

Speaking on her manifesto, Ideh promised to reform Nigeria’s revenue generation and allocation structure.

Her administration will be geared toward the reduction of the cost of doing business in the country, she added, and will increase wages not on sentimental, emotional or even humanitarian grounds, but according to production and revenue.

Ideh, who is seeking nomination under the party Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN), said:

As President I will reform the country’s revenue generation and allocation structure, including our federal tax regimes.

We will strive to strike a balance between making sure that nobody evades their financial obligations for the amenities government provides and ensuring that our tax regime allow business to take root.

My administration is determined, from the very first day of our assumption of office, to work towards reducing the cost and simplifying the processes and procedures of doing business anywhere in Nigeria, so that local and foreign investors to thrive.

Periodic wage increase will be carried out, not on sentiments, emotional or even humanitarian grounds, but always according to the production capacity and corresponding revenues.

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