Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs through the National Council for Moon Sighting has called Muslims in the country to watch out for the new crescent of Zul-Hijjah from Tuesday, the 21st of July, 2020.

The call was made in a statement titled: ‘Crescent sighting reminder for Zul-Hijjah 1441AH’ issued on Monday by Usman Al-Nafaty on behalf of the Council.

“Crescent sighting reminder for Zul-Hijjah 1441H.

“Coming Tuesday, tomorrow is 29th of DHUL-QA’DAH 1441H (21st July 2020) hence, the first day to look for Zul-Hijjah 1441H crescent.

“The time of conjunction (i.e. crescent birth or astronomical new moon) is Monday evening, 20th July 2020) at 6:33 pm.

“Please kindly endeavor to look for the crescent on that day or ask someone to do so on your behalf and kindly share the results”, the statement read.