The EFCC has cautioned the public against emerging online fraudulent tactics, being explored by internet fraudsters in the wake of the donations arising from the dreaded COVID- 19 pandemic.
The Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Mr Ibrahim Magu, disclosed the development on Monday, April 6, 2020.
Magu stated that the caution has become necessary, in view of the increasing number of complaints received by the Commission from innocent Nigerians falling prey to the antics of internet fraudsters, who are taking advantage of the pandemic to defraud unsuspecting targets.
In the last couple of days, home-bond internet users have complained of receiving several e-mails, sms, Whatsapp messages offering free services such as “Do-It-Yourself” Covid-19 tests;
subscription to either Netflix, Hulu, DSTV, Government Intervention/Grant of N30,000 and other tricky offers. Some of the fraudulent schemes are coming in the form of links that offer free data or request for the Bank Verification Number, BVN, and account details of their victims, assuring that such victims will be credited with money.
According to Magu, many of the fraudulent online messages require recipients to click and fill out an online survey and forward same to ten (10) Whatsapp users The statement reads in part, “The messages are embedded with malwares and other malicious codes, when clicked trigger a program that steals and compromises mails, banking login passwords, credit-related information and other critical data contained on the recipient’s devices. Victims stand the risk of losing both confidential information and monies, since unauthorised access may have been granted to cyber criminals. They are also in danger of being infected with a ransomware which will automatically lock their electronics device”. 

Magu urges Nigerians to be careful and not fall victims of any cyber fraud.