Dark has been renewed for the Season 3. It’s official. Not only that but the filming of this sci-fi thriller drama’s has also started. From this, we can conclude that the Season 3 is going to be released very soon. But there is not an official release date of this tragedical show till now.

The Season 2 of Dark came out in June last year. It has been ten months and fans’ curiosity are increasing day by day for the Season 3.

Dark has a chronic habit of leaving its fans in oblivion and waiting. There was a long and leisure gap of one and half year between the Season 1 and Season 2. Till now, even the trailer of Season 3 hasn’t come out. These signs are indicating that the Season 3 is not going to come out before 2021. Although some are speculating that the creators will release this season later this year but these are just a prediction and nothing official has come out yet.

Will There Be New Characters In Season 3?

Dark has all kind of things to make its viewers longing for more including time travel, supernatural activities. As it is evident from the Season 1 and Season 2 that every significant character is being played by different actors and actresses as the timeline of the story is stretched over many decades, even different centuries. It would be quite bizarre if the creators will make the story more complex by adding new significant characters, though it is highly unlikely that they will do so. For now, nothing is confirmed about the characters or storyline.

Is Netflix Going To Release Season 3?

There are rumours that Netflix might drop this great show. These rumours are false. Netflix, itself, has announced the renewal of Dark for Season 3, so don’t believe in those rumours.

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