The All Progressives Congress, APC, Plateau State Gubernatorial Primary election has been reduced to a fairy tale, with seven aspirants expressing their displeasure with the ignominious display of imposition, and one aspirant, Fitka Bilshaka, stepping down for his Ngas brother, Dr. Nentawe Yilwada, who is alleged to be the government’s preferred candidate.

The process, which began with the accreditation of delegates, quickly devolved into a free-for-all fight, requiring the intervention of armed security officials to restore order to the election site.

Agents for Dr. Danyaro Dakon Sarpiya, a leading contender in the race, objected to the fact that local government chairman and other government officials who were neither delegates nor agents were openly harassing delegates about their choice of aspirant and forcing them to surrender their ballots to a liaison officer or specific agent to write for them.

They expressed their amazement and dejection, prompting additional delegates and their principals to join them in walking out of the primary election in protest of what they saw as an imposition, and afterwards sending their withdrawal of interest in the contest, which was later revealed to the delegates.

Dr. Danyaro Dakon Sarpiya, David Victor Dimka, Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum, Prof. Sonnie Gwanle Tyoden, Sen. Hezekiah Dimka, and Sunday Garba Biggs are among the Aspirants who have walked out. Mr. Ashen Musa, a Dr. Sarpiya agent, voiced unhappiness with the procedure, stating that they are uncomfortable with it, and that they are protesting by walking out of the race.

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