Cara Delevingne has been in news since the beginning of her career. The 27-year-old actor, model, and singer do not need any introduction for being her recognized. She is also an activist and she has always been vocal about the things which concern her.

With such an astounding career and by achieving so much fame at a very young age, it is obvious that the speculations and talks about the British model would not have spared her. Recently, Cara Delevingne broke up with the “Pretty Little Liars” Ashley Benson. The “Carnival Row” was in a relationship with Ashley Benson for quite a long time. Last month or so, the speculations about the break up of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson had started swarming the social media, and later it was confirmed by them that now the relationship was over.

For the past couple of years, the relationship duration of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, the couple were followed by the paparazzi and many things were published by the tabloids on a regular basis. But now, as it is official that the couple has split their ways, many fans have started speculating whether Cara Delevingne is in a new relationship with someone or not.

Is Cara Delevingne Dating Someone After The Breakup?

Recently, precisely a couple of days ago, Cara Delevingne has talked about herself for quite at length. She broke the news of her gender preference for a relationship. It was something that made the headlines in various reputed media outlets. However, for a very long she has been idolized as an LGBTQ+ activist.

She talked about her post-breakup routine, although without giving any specific details about the reasons for her breakup with Ashley Benson. Cara Delevingne is spending her days doing yoga and playing musical instruments. She is not dating anyone for now.