Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been dating each other since July 2019. Fans believe that the pair is amazing to each other and they look very beautifully interwoven in each other somehow.

But over the time the couple has sparked controversy over their relationship. Many people have held for questioning the two entertainers of having an affair for publicity. However, later both singers officially confirmed that their relationship is not a PR stunt but a result of their love and affection to each other.

Recently rumors have hit the edges of the internet that the couple has split up. Many rumors swirled through social media claiming that they were avowedly divided. Cosmopolitan even posted about the couple ending the relationship on good terms.


Just in case if you believe that the Senorita couple can break up so easily, we inform you that these rumors are totally false. This is not the first time that rumors about their breakup have summoned the internet, the pair has demolished such rumors every single time by showering love on each other through social media platforms. And we love seeing them together and they keep telling the public that they will always be together. Senorita hit makers often appeared holding their hands and kissing fervidly among fans and audience.

The partition rumors first scaled up on the internet at Grammy’s when Shawn first arrived on the red carpet and went solo for the main event, while Camilla appeared with her father and walked alongside him on the red carpet. Fans quickly took to posting on Twitter and all social media that they had broken up.

But the rumors were soon escalated down when photos of the two holding their hands. Cabello decided to make that night special with her father. She also dedicated a wonderful song to her father.

One of the most famous bluster is when Shawn deleted their viral kissing video from the Instagram account. Soon after, Camilla took over her Instagram and asked Mendes about their breakup, but it was clear that both of them were being sarcastic.

This makes it clear of course, the beautiful couple is still together and they will remain together even in the near future. They have not made any breakups and it was all rumors spreading about on social media. They have cleared the fact that they are still together and will continue to be together.