“Naija is going to loose this match” is all I’ve been hearing for sometime now. “If we don’t loose this match, we would probably get to the quarter finals and that’s it”. “…but we will never win the World Cup”.
When a father has a son and always tells his son, “you don’t do well, you’re going to fail your promotional exam” it is not an encouraging remark. You don’t expect the son to pass that promotional exam. We are one Naija, so we expect to stand as one and fight as one and aspire to win as one. With the likes of Victor Moses, Alex Iwobi, Mikel Obi, Musa and other players, I don’t see any reason why we should loose the match. This is the time we have to come together and fight against our enemy CROATIA 🇭🇷. As our team are on the field, let’s be their mouth piece to God and Allah for prayer. Let’s be supportive by putting in our jersey, either the original or the fake, and if you’ve got none, improvise. Wear a green shirt or short, or anything with a touch of green. Maybe apply your makeup with green eye shadow or lipstick 💄.

The COPA90 World Cup on Snapchat puts it as “the likes of Iwobi, Ineanacho and Modric mean this game will be a treat for football as well as fashion”. The BBC Sport posted on twitter that “Nigerian fans have been banned from taking live chickens 🐔 into the ground for their teams opening game with CROATIA 🇭🇷 “. 😂 now, that’s the kind of crazy spirit I need to see. If we win the match, we win together. Gather all support you can. Singers should sing for Naija, Preachers should pray, dancers should dance, cooks should prepare a great meal for today’s game. Whatever way you choose to support Naija, and I bet there’s no reason to loose against CROATIA 🇭🇷 or even return without the World Cup.
I don’t know about you, but for me… it’s “NAIJA ALL THE WAY”.

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