This week has been one of the most vibrant weeks in the BBNaija house due to the twist in the eviction rules.

This week, the housemates are made to believe that the head of house has the power to evict two people from the house and these two people will be people who will not obey the head of house.

This has really garnered some reactions from patrons and this is due to the fact all the housemates are doing everything within their power to be on good terms with the head of house, Maria.

Going round social media, we have gathered some views from social media users and below are some of these;

Fonyuy Fannso – Fear can make you do things.😂😂😂 Maria has taken up the role like a pro. I like her

Lemnyuy Lizy – Atleast for once some hm who tot they are untouchable are now doing house chores 🤣🤣🤣 the fear of eviction is the beginning of wisdom thank God my whitemoney is an all way round and has been doing his house chores .every day. Fans who said he is pretending, its a strategy hope ur faves are not part of the cleaning

Mimi Osteen Mba – The house was dirty during Peres turn cos he was busy chasing whitemoney instead of him to focus on organizing the house

Percy MaHomes – Hay….
I feel like the game is somehow in favour of Maria which is fine really because Maria is my day 1 like i love & like the girl. .. but soon after Sunday, mixed emotions about her from people will arise and trust at that time will be just impossible to give to her.. but i feel Big Brother like …
Its very strange that Pere became HOH last week and that made Him and Maria safe… this week somehow Biggie decided to change things in the HOH game which worked well for Maria since she is HOH now.. #ReignSupremeMaria
Then Biggie calls her then BOOM no nominations but she again has to keep a secret and lie. And i emphasise that it was Big Brother’s orders but still people will use their hearts about going around on it instead of just thinking and puyting some sense into it…
Anyways… Maria is doing a hella good job…
Lots of love to Maria❤❤❤❤❤

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Chim’amaka Joy Buezeh – My problem is not even about the way the housemates are going well with their tasks
My major concern now is The After Effect of Finding Out on Sunday Night that all these were Maria and Biggie’s Conspiracy Prank by the Housemates,How will they see Maria?
This will definitely build a bitter bile into the hearts and minds of some of not most of the Housemates towards Maria(those that do not like her for a start will even have more reasons to hate her the more)
Biggie,this is a very Demanding, hope you thought this through thoroughly?
All the same,it is a game

Minenhle Ndlovu – Big next season please season we need tough competition select people dat are in it to win it in big brother Africa competition was tough you wouldn’t know exactly who is going to win there were arguments fights entertainment they didn’t even need task to entertainment us even wen playing games it will be tough bcz everyone wants to win we want competition not this thing were in two days you already know who is taking the price we should be shocked when announcing the winner

Charllote Missyb Baikani – She is doing an excellent job thus far….Kudos to her,I wish her even an exceptional week entirely ❤❤❤❤

Queen Tilda – Maria is doing well…the females really lead the housemates well…..she’s a good leader….


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