Sherlock has been one of BBC’s most-watched show, and the show has been loved by the audience.

This crime series is very famous and the first four seasons have been a significant hit, as soon as the season four ended fans begin to question the future of the show which means is the show going to be renewed for a season five?

The last season of the show premiered in 2017, and fans have been waiting three long years for the makers to come up with some news about a new season finally, we are expecting the show to return with a season five as season four gained a lot of popularity!


Well, there is a piece of bad news for all the fans of the show as BBC has not yet renewed the show for another season, there is no new news on the shows return!

As Steven Moffat, the co-showrunner said that they have no plans for a brand new series or another season for the show and Mark Gatiss; the first showrunner is busy working on another project.

Looking at the brighter picture we can hope if Steven and Mark get free from their busy schedules they might consider coming up with a season 5 for the show, but it will only happen in late 2021 or start of 2022.


We will be back with some of the old cast of the show like Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr Watson playing Martin freewoman apart from these two characters we are expecting to see a lot of new casts.


The main reason for a delay has been due to an ongoing fight between the two lead actors Benedict and Martin; the misunderstanding has been the main reason to why the two have been in a state of cold war with each other, and we hope they resolve it soon, so we get another season of our favourite show.