Paul Okoye, Rudeboy of defunct Psquare music group has bragged of surpassing the most viewed song they had just in the space of 2yrs after separating from his brother.

Rudeboy shared the YouTube views of Psquares most viewed song ‘Personally’ which is 109 million views in 8yrs and his single Reason With Me which is 110 million views in the space of 2yrs after he left his brother.

According to Rudeboy, he has smashed all their old records to prove that separating from his brother to become a solo artist is worth it more than they were together as Psquare as now he’s cashing out so big.

Psquare had their moments when the two brothers were still together but now that they have separated, each of them is trying to prove that he’s doing perfectly well on his own and Rudeboy has done that with Reason With Me.

Most people thought the two brothers wouldn’t be able to make the numbers now that they are both solo artists fighting each other for the fans they had back in the days of Psquare but Rudeboy seems to be proving them wrong each day.

Peter Okoye after the separation hasn’t released songs as Rudeboy has and for that matter can’t boast of smashing their old record but we hope his album works some magic so he can also boast of smashing their old records.

screenshot below;

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