Due to the current quarantine situation, people are bingeing their way through their Netflix queues faster than ever. All of us are on a constant lookout for something new to watch. One such show happens to be the CW sports drama All American. Initially, the show was not doing that well on its own but after Netflix took this show under its wings. The show received an overwhelming global response from the viewers and critics alike. We are positive that you guys have watched the previous two seasons already and are waiting for another season. Well, we don’t blame you, the show has every aspect of what a drama should have.

Here are 5 things you should know about Season 3:

1. In January 2020, CW officially announced the renewal of the series for the third instalment. Currently, the show holds the third rank in Netflix’s most-watched series. Hence, the renewal was bound to happen.

2. Although the show has been renewed for a third season, there is no update regarding the release date. In the light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, All American hasn’t even started filming yet. Season 3 would have premiered in October 2020 following the schedule of the previous seasons. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. The show will not be back until later this year or early 2021.
Also, according to the contract between Netflix and CW, Netflix will premiere the show only after the broadcast finale on CW.

3. The entire core cast of the show will return for Season 3. Watch closely as to what might happen to Spencer, Jordan, Asher, Layla, Olivia, and Coach Baker.

4. While no details have been released about the plot of Season 3. We speculate that Season 3 will deal with multiple loose ends, one of them being, Crenshaw High becoming a magnet school. We will get to know where Spencer’s loyalties lie. Also, we will witness Olivia, resolving her sobriety issues.

5. Since the production, has been halted there is no trailer as of now. But, here’s a short clip of the cast reacting to the renewal news: