When you’re buying shoes, this is no brainer but make sure you’re getting a size that’s neither too small nor too big.

Shoes that are too tight will leave no space for your toes and end up super tight and uncomfortable to a point where you can’t even walk in them. At the same time, big shoes will end up slipping out and can make you fall easily.

1. If the shoes feel too tight, tape the 3rd and 4th toes

Ballet dancers often use this method for extra comfort when dancing. It’s said that there’s a nerve between these two toes, and wearing heels puts pressure on this nerve, thus the pain when wearing heels.

However, taping the toes together reportedly alleviates the pressure on the nerve, which in turn leaves you pain-free.

2. When you buy pointy toe heels, break into them before wearing them

With new heels, especially the pointy toe stilettos will take up to three wears before they’re completely comfortable. Now, there are many ways to slightly expand your shoes.

Use an ankle sock of average thickness, wear it on the ball of your foot then you wear your heels. Also use a sock that’s not too thick is because you definitely don’t wanna overstretch them.

3. Prevent blistering by applying vaseline

Don’t apply on the heel, unless you want to keep sliding out. This mostly works for closed pointy toe heels made of patent leather.

4. A plaster can help that blistering on your heel

If the back of the ankle is hurting and getting blistered, you can put a plaster before wearing the shoe to prevent that.

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Put it horizontally so that it doesn’t show once you wear the shoe. Another option would be to apply deodorant on the part that frequently gets blistered, to prevent that.

5. Gel insoles will also make the heels a bit more comfy

That’s because they’re designed to specifically shift pressure off the ball of foot, prevent blisters, provide arch support, and hold the ball of foot in place.


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